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Chef Chilkit Pareek
Chef Wayan Sukadana

I want to create cheap (local) basic food ingredients into expensive and elite food that is known by the world (international)

Chef Maurizio Cammarota

I cook just like a mother cook for her son that is what I give to all my customer as my own family too

Chef Denny Chandra

Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone

Chef Chandra Yudasswara

Good food, good soul

Chef Azhan Zardik

Customer satisfaction is the most important for a chef

Chef Putu Rita

As a Chef im believing that culinary is not a rocket science, it is all about creations and passion of cooking. My smile is my "Logo". Im not impressed by your position, title and money, I am impressed how you treat others.

Chef Daniele Taddeo

You are only as good as your last dish that you cooked.

Chef Gianluca Visciglia

I always dreamed to become a Chef and now I'm Living the dream. 

Chef Henry Alexie Bloem

Bringing Indonesian cuisine to the World

Chef Kevin Addy S

I'm very passionate about food and keep tremendously interested in it.

Chef Yulius Novin

Crafted with culinary expertise and driven by the love of food - experiment with an eclectic mix of recipes from around the globe