Jana Feliz

photography, content creation & blog

Photography has been my passion for the past 15 years. Capturing moments and products brings me immense joy and satisfaction, allowing me to freeze memories in time forever and help quality products to be recognised 🙂

Hi, I'm Jana feliz

My life is one big art to me. I love to see art in everything, and I believe this keeps me creative and my mind open. I am passionate about taking pictures; whether it’s capturing people, life, products, food — especially in restaurants — beauty, or combining them all together. That’s what I call art, that’s what I call life. 

I also create videos about quality products and places. I enjoy reviewing them, discussing their features, capturing their essence, and endorsing them. If I believe in a product, I love to showcase it through my Gingerbeli e-commerce and digital channel platform, connecting it with potential new customers – B2B and B2C.


Jana (@jana.feliz)

Timeless elegance and empowerment of women.

Every dish tells a story, and every flavor ignites a journey.

Moments where love becomes the art of connection.

Beauty of new life and the glow of motherhood.

Objects become stories of style and function.

Image speaks volumes about craftsmanship, quality, and allure.

I love what i do.

I have always stood behind the creativity of places and inspiration (@cocobeli_) and the quality of products (@gingerbeli). Art and photography help me express myself and relax. Follow my journey and get in touch with me. Explore more of my portfolio below.

Reels - product review

I’m thrilled to share my review of this amazing healthy products with you all. So, picture this: a product that not only tastes delicious but also nourishes your body from the inside out. I’m talking about a game-changer in the world of wellness. From the moment I tried it, I could feel the difference it made in my energy levels and overall vitality. So join me on this journey as we uncover the goodness packed into every bite 🙂

helping to build brand, trust & sell

“I love to create marketing strategy and do all necessary activities to build your brand, customers’ trust and increase your sell. I also use my international network and connect people together. Building quality brands and trust simply became my passion – naturally. Newly I sell quality products also with help of my online channel – digital courses where I can feature you.” Jana Feliz

video product review eye catchy location

I don’t want to sell my products without any explanation: how to use them and the benefits they brought to my life. Behind every product is a reason why I share it with you. My passion is exploring the top quality beauty and healthy food products that I and others can enjoy and significantly improve everyone’s life. Also offering them on my e-shop and channel Gingerbeli.com – it just naturally became part of my life. Get in touch with me to create eye catchy video about your brand too.


I will explain your delicious dish in a way, everyone wants to taste.

“Indulging in the succulent embrace of “Umami-infused Teriyaki Glazed Salmon,” I immerse myself in a symphony of flavors. Each tender bite of salmon, marinated in the luscious depths of teriyaki sauce, sends waves of pleasure through my palate, a perfect union of sweet and savory. As the grill works its magic, caramelizing the glaze to perfection, the aroma fills the air, teasing my senses with anticipation. Garnished delicately with sesame seeds and green onions, each presentation is a work of art, inviting me to savor not just a meal, but a sensory journey through the exquisite world of Japanese cuisine.”

Video place review

I prefer to review places such as hotels, wellness centers, gyms, and beauty salons, while also mentioning quality products that have improved my health or beauty. I believe this approach is more interesting for the audience and authentic. However, I am open to exploring and creating content on different topics if it aligns with my beliefs and content structure.

Hotel in bali: blog article & feature

Get Cocobeli featured as one of the approved quality places we experienced. Take advantage of getting creative content and #uptodate marketing tips.


“Great collaboration, we are very satisfied. Beautiful photos, everything according to our expectations. Definitely recommend ❤️”


“Jana has good ideas, an interesting and modern perspective. She is very creative, inspiring, and pleasant to work with. She always seeks solutions, always. Totally recommend her.”


“We couldn’t have gotten a better photographer. Jana did an awesome job for our Fashion Brand based in Bali! We had some unique ideas for our new collection and we wanted to bring to life and Jana did just that. She ‘s very friendly, easy to work with, professional and always will find a great balance between your wants and her skills and inspiration. Highly recommend Jana for any occasion. Excellent! Legit professional for sure. We’re super excited about future collaboration.”