Connecting the best quality & unique world products with people. I travel the world to find the most unique ingredients, products and brands. I support you and stand behind. I cannot offer anything but the best.” Jana Feliz

The top quality of products matter. Always. We are what we eat: there are no exceptions. Jana has connections to farmers, chefs, distributors and knows the top quality brands.

Sometimes our body needs an additional support, especially when we know there is a specific part of our body that we can improve and work on it. Jana and her trusted people regularly tests different supplements that she founds at world wide exhibitions.

Beauty from the inside out really does matter. Jana connects with the beauty bloggers, saloons, and attends the world wide exhibitions to find the quality products. She does regular sampling with trusted people.

Jana from Czechia (33 years). Living between Europe, Asia & UAE. Studied MSc in Business and International Marketing in Germany and has worked from big corporations such as Henkel and Bosch to small start-ups. I have worked on projects to enter new markets.

I work as freelancer in marketing and as a broker in food, healthy food supplements and cosmetics. I travel the world and connect with the real farmers and people. I recognise the best quality. I help to connect great quality products and people, helping also with all necessary activities when entering the new market as well as with marketing and influencer management. 

I have my own e-commerce Gingerbeli.com with focus on EU, UAE & Southeast Asian market. 

I started this project as reviewing quality of food in restaurants. It developed into great passion for delicious food, healthy food, food supplements & pharma as well as beauty products. Gingerbeli is part of me. I am Gingerbeli – Always Quality 🙂

Build link between brands and distributors

Search for the best quality

Create content, marketing strategy

Promote on my social channels

Help with Market entry, Distribution connections & Marketing 

Sell on my e-shop Gingerbeli.com

Warehouse & Supply chain options in Czechia – the heart of Europe

Strong & Trusted International Network

Attending Worldwide Exhibitions: saving you time & money to get to know effectively the best. Ability to find the quality.

Quality, Flexible & Creative Work

My face behind your brand & Support

  1. Retainer Fee (3 – 6 months)
  2. Moving to % / Success Fee
  3. Following Phase

Marketing packages start from 499 $: brand marketing, social media marketing, content creation (photography & video) influencer management, sampling organization, events & introduction of your brand). 

Very affordable warehouse & supply chain service in Czechia – heart of Europe.

Get the best quality of bohemian porcelain

Did you know that Bohemian porcelain is one of the highest quality porcelain in the world? Send inquiry hello@gingerbeli.com to see the whole catalogue.

It all started with Cocobeli project – reviewing the best restaurants in Bali that were summed up in a Cook Book Cocobeli. But Jana knew where her true passion is – in quality food ingredients and beauty products. It doesn’t matter if they are from Indonesia, Africa, South America, Japan, or Europe – diversity of great quality food is everything. And when they are offered combined, it’s even beyond. 

Jana went miles to find what you like. It all started in Asia, continued in Middle East, Africa as well as East and Western Europe. She met many farmers and people who share same passion as she does – the best quality food. It’s also about people behind the products. She developed her intuition in recognizing people who have good intentions and share same values as her. At the end it’s not only about the quality of the product but also who stand behind it. 

Moreover she visits regularly the most important exhibitions worldwide and creates connections. She tests products to find the truly best quality. She loves to connect with people and communicating with ease. Searching the best products and getting the valuable connections between brands and distributors became just part of her life. People deserve to eat exceptional food quality and get to know the best.

Gingerbeli food trade jana
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gingerbeli food trade farmer

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