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“I love to create marketing strategy and do all necessary activities to build your brand, customers’ trust and increase your sell. I also use my international network and connect people together. I love communicating with quality influencers and ambassadors. Building quality brands and trust simply became my passion – naturally.” Jana Feliz

I have been very satisfied with the cooperation from the beginning. I really appreciate a beautifully and stylishly maintained social network profile and a lot of new creative ideas. Communication with Jana is great and fast. The results of the work were visible very soon. Definitely recommend!

Jana is a very creative person who can raise the level of presentation to a very professional level. Interesting posts that can reach people and it’s not just a product overview. The complete management she can provide is exactly what I was looking for.

Great cooperation as a team, we are very satisfied. Beautiful photos, design, we liked everything about how she works.

We definitely recommend working with Jana.

I am Jana originally from Czechia (33 years) but I have been working on local Czech as well as international marketing and business development projects past 10 years. I focus on brand and online marketing, content creation (being a professional photographer) as well as international market entry of brands with a focus on the European and Middle East markets. I did a successful international market entry of several projects. I have worked for all kinds of businesses – from start-ups to big corporations such as Henkel or Bosch, in Germany. 

I studied International Business at the University of Prague and my Master in International Marketing at the EBS Business School in Germany and Bordeaux in France. I have a great passion for connecting people – I have been attending worldwide exhibitions mostly related to Food, Beauty, Pharma, Hospitality & Gastronomy. Following my passion for food, healthy lifestyle, beauty products, hospitality & gastronomy, I started my e-commerce and brokerage activities under my brand I love to be active on social media and review places and products that have great quality, recently I am also active on my Youtube channel. Long story short, I am always searching for the best quality on the market: connecting not only quality products and services but also quality people together. This is who I am, this is my passion, this is my work.

Social Media Channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest)

Influencer & Micro Influencer Management

Ambassador programme & Events connected to your brand

E-mailing & Blogging

PPC Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

Content Creation (Professional Photography – Nikon D750, Youtube video, short reels  videos)

Promo & Product Reviews (Social media & Youtube)

Build links between products & people

Sell on my e-shop & search for distributors if it’s food, beauty, or pharma related

Warehouse & Supply chain options in Czechia – the heart of Europe

More than 10 years of local as well as international experience

Strong & Trusted International Network

Quality, Flexible & Creative Work

Partner of trusted e-shop provider Shoptet – Silver Shoptet Partner

Happy clients & reviews

  1. Getting to know your brand
  2. Suggesting a suitable strategy for your brand
  3. Passionately working on building your brand and increasing your sales

Monthly packages starting from 499 $.

Very affordable warehouse & supply chain service in Czechia – heart of Europe.

& More.

It all started with Cocobeli project – reviewing the best restaurants in Bali that were summed up in a Cook Book Cocobeli. But Jana knew where her true passion is – in quality food ingredients and beauty products. It doesn’t matter if they are from Indonesia, Africa, South America, Japan, or Europe – diversity of great quality food is everything. And when they are offered combined, it’s even beyond. 

Jana went miles to find what you like. It all started in Asia, and continued in the Middle East, Africa as well as East and Western Europe. She met many farmers and people who share the same passion as she does – the best quality food. It’s also about the people behind the products. She developed her intuition in recognizing people who have good intentions and share the same values as her. In the end, it’s not only about the quality of the product but also who stands behind it. 

Moreover, she visits regularly the most important exhibitions worldwide and creates connections. She tests products to find the truly best quality. She loves to connect with people and communicate with ease. Searching for the best products and getting valuable connections between brands and distributors became just part of her life. People deserve to eat exceptional food quality and use quality products. 

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