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I'm very passionate about food and keep tremendously interested in it.

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I like traveling and eat. As well as the job satisfaction, being a chef offers great career progression and can bring you around the world with chef jacket.

I am a professional Chef. Currently, I am working at William’s Restaurant Jakarta as a Head Chef.

Previously, I was working at The Ledge by Dave Pynt in Maldives, one of the best restaurant in Maldives and got the privileges to learn in Burntends Singapore, #59 the best restaurant in the world and number 10 in Asia, Sous Chef at William’s Restaurant in Jakarta, Chef de Partie at St. Ali, Demi Chef at Lyon Restaurant, a modern french fine dining in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Vue46 by Les Amis, a classic french fine dining with a supervision from Chef Kentaro Komoda, a Commis at Socieaty by Les Amis group. On my trainee years, I was interning at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, where I got the opportunity to use the best ingredients that they could offer and to be more creative in presenting my dishes in both classic and modern techniques. For me, creating magnificent dishes for customers are my passion. I hope they enjoy eating my creation as much as I do.

When I cook for one of the Government and Professional Footballer. Usually it is Private dining.

Most challenging for me is the need for improvement and staying motivated to create another and another dish. Because in Food and Beverage Industry, you always need to improve your knowledge and follow the trend.

Be humble and don’t be shy if you don’t know something and always ask and learn.

Be humble and don’t be shy if you don’t know something and always ask and learn.

For me 75% Cook and 25% Traveling. For me this is my balanced life.

Always use fresh ingredients.

I have been working as a chef for about 5/6 years now. Through out the whole journey, I am very blessed to be able to meet and learn from a number of influential chefs in the industry. To name a few, I has the opportunity to learn from Kentaro Lamoda and Dave Pynt. I have always wanted to learn from them and I am who I am today are because of them too.

My memorable experience are quite a number I would say. I had a chance to work in Maldives, Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I was given the honor to cook a dish that only a couple of people know how to as it has to be done overnight and of course being watched on. Also, we tried to catch fresh lobsters in the sea as we want only the best quality for the customers.

The latest experience that is unforgettable is that I was able to serve one of Indonesian’s minister for his private event. It’s his very own personal intimate event and I was given the trust to cook for his family and guests. I have to adjust on what they like and special request. The best achievement of all is when the hosts and guests love the dishes that we have especially crated for them.