Chef Chandra Yudasswara

Chef Chandra Yudasswara jakarta cocobeli

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Good food, good soul

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Childhood, and family background in food industry

Owning 7 Restaurants and 5 Restaurant Groups:
Bacco Jakarta
Domicile Surabaya
Portable Jakarta
Portable Serpong
Portable Jogja
Portable Samarinda
Portable Rawamangun
Porthouse Batam
Tilu Kitchen Bandung
The Nine House Malang
Camden Surabaya
Camden Jakarta
Shamrock Jakarta

Cooking for Michael Jackson

Maintaining restaurant business

Pick a good location in a food business or restaurant, pick good partners, pick your best team, don’t compensate your decisions and plan because of someone else’s influences.

Commitment, dedication, team player

Respect yourself, as much as you respect others.

Understand and know the ingredients to get the best out of it.

Facing the hardest chef on your career path and turn the situation become your best partner.