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I cook just like a mother cook for her son that is what I give to all my customer as my own family too

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The aromatic of My Grandfather’s kitchen as he is also a chef from Andrea Doria cruiseship at that time.

Singapore – Marina Mandarin
Lotus Bayview – where I am working as a chef now

Cooking for Royal Meeting In Malaysia

Every time I cook is challenging, because all my customers have their own taste..

Cooking is my passion, learn and learn to achieve what you want.

When you get the good result for your hard working is the best thing.

Always use fresh ingredients.

When i was young i used to be a bad guy. I started at drug addict recovery community, cooking started to be my therapy and later it became my passion.
On my mind i was cooker, I mean i have in my dna, my grandpa is chef on board cruise ship, after that I was cooking for group of bandit and again in jail.
Well…. I started to be a good guy and changed my life to start studying about Mediterranean cuisine.
My last experience is important – in Singapore at Marina Mandarin and of course Lotus where I am working as a chef now.