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Crafted with culinary expertise and driven by the love of food - experiment with an eclectic mix of recipes from around the globe

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Grewing up in a family that loves to cook, and travelling to different countries which intrigue to find the way to cook it.

  • Apprentice 9 mths at Wild Sage
  • Sydney 1 year CDP at Bourbon Sydney                           
  • 1 year CDP at Japanese Fusion Sydney                          
  • 2.5 years Executive Sous Chef at Ismaya Group, Jakarta

Invited by Australian ambassador to Indonesia to cook for gala dinner between Australian and Indonesian at Australian Ambassador residence.

When you have to run your own business during pandemic.

Learn by asking and never give up.

Dine at different restaurants during your days off.

Always use a sharp knife and do not be afraid with salt, pepper and a bit of sugar while you are cooking.

Sourcing locally and using different type of ingredients such as gooseberry and figs. Every meal use sustainable produce from trusted farmers and sources.

Cooking at an Jakarta warehouse project, with limited space and equipment and have to produce over 1000+ meals for few hours.