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As a Chef im believing that culinary is not a rocket science, it is all about creations and passion of cooking. My smile is my "Logo". Im not impressed by your position, title and money, I am impressed how you treat others.

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Get Inspired by Chef Putu Rita

  • being a Chef is an art and science
  • have a higher chance to meet celebrities
  • can possed a wide knowledge on different food culture
  • have a chance to go travelling with no personal cost
  • fantastic career
  • can work as a self employed and build our own culinary bussiness
  • can work with varied hours
  • I have been working in Food and Beverage Industry is more than 25 years now and I am not planning to stop challenging myself at anytime soon. For me food and beverage is now and forever. Food and beverage run in my blood.

    I want to inspire people that to become a chef is just fun job and one needs to be creative. Good food to make people happy is the destination.

    The hardest part is dealing with unexpected emergencies as a chef. Also chef is always working on a public holiday, to be there for New Years Eve etc. So there is limited time to mingle with family.

    As a chef you will never stop learning and a change is a great way. To learn new techniques and food styles which will add to your repertoire.

    Remember discipline: The kitchen is a like a military field, so you need to be disciplined and highly organised in every aspect; from food preparation to delivery, your focus should be on your operation and food at all times. While it’s important to dedicate time to studying your surroundings and keeping up with cooking trends and seasonality, try to avoid putting too much of your efforts and time into monitoring your competition.

    “Keep evolving”: A great head chef should constantly evolve. It’s vital to keep creating new flavours and dishes while staying true to the character and identity of your cuisine of choice.

    Take care of and nurture your self. You can not accomplish anything if you are unhealthy. Know what are your priorities.

    Put all your recipes on your tongue, not in the book or pokemon pocket.

    A lot of lovely story to tell, in my journey as a Chef good and bad.