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Have you ever wished to know the secret recipes of best restaurants and chefs in the world? Have you ever tried to get your body and mind in balance? Have you ever needed the inspiration and advice to stay motivated and reach your goals?

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Find Delicious recipes of best restaurants & Experienced Chefs

Don’t lose time searching for average recipes. Learn to cook and eat from the best restaurants & chefs. Create balanced eating habits that your body needs.

Find workout, meditation places &
Spa and hotel resorts

To be happy in life, regular movement and healthy mind is necessary. Get your body and mind in balance. Take some rest, spoil your body and think of the next steps towards your dreams

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Find Coaches, inspiring people & Motivational apps and websites

Get in touch with experienced people and useful tools that can help to achieve your dreams in shorter time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get inspired and inspire others

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We Offer You  Partnership 

We love to partner with restaurants, hotels, activity centers, brands and inspiring people (chefs, coaches, influencers) that we believe in. We include in our database only approved and valuable content. If you feel that you share values and would benefit and inspire our community, we would love to talk about working together.  Send us a message to become part of Cocobeli inspiring platform.
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Get  Cocobeli Book  AND help people in hunger

Find success tips of inspiring people and mix of recipes of delicious restaurants in Bali in the Cocobeli book together with special immunity recipes feature from approved Cocobeli places. 

With every purchase you donate 3 $ to charity SOS Indonesia (@scholarsofsustenanseid) which rescue and distributes nutritious surplus food to vulnerable communities every day! 3 dollars equal 15 nutritious meals.


Anita’s Warung


Mads Lange

Alkaline Restaurant

Naughty or Nice Bali

Warung Ganesha 88


Pasta Pojok

Lotus Bayview Restaurant

Rumanami Residence

Williams Restaurant

FLYNN Dine & Bar

Chef Chandra

“Good food, good soul”

save  time  AND  improve 

Enough of searching for a delicious recipes for hours? Are you tired of getting recipes that end up not being delicious? Get the best recipes from the top chefs and restaurants and save your time! Consult directly with chefs and improve your cooking skills! Your dishes will taste even better than this sounds.

Featured Restaurant

Anita’s Warung

Indo-Italian Slow Food in Bali

Newly Added Recipes

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

by Warung Ganesha 88

Chicken Burger Sambal Matah

by Warung Ganesha 88

Nasi Lidah Sapi Andaliman

by Rumanami Residence

BBQ Ribs

by William's - Casual Dining

Vegan Pumpkin Soup
Chicken Burger Sambal Matah
Nasi Lidah Sapi Andaliman
BBQ Ribs
Grilled Prawn Gnoochi
Red Velvet Cocktail

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