Marinated Vegetable and Tofu

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Vegetable and fried tempe marinated with probiotic salt and sweet vinegar.


This Recipe Serves 10

500 gr Tofu

350 gr Eggplant (purple)

350 gr Cucumber

200 gr Tomato

300 ml White vinegar

35 gr Shiokoji

200 gr Coconut sugar

100 ml Water

5 tbls Vegetable oil


  • Wash the purple eggplant, cucumber and tomato under the running water.
  • Cut the tofu in jardiniere style (block) and put it aside.
  • Cut in dice purple eggplant, cucumber and tomato and put it aside.
  • Fried tofu and eggplant  using the vegetable oil for around 5 minutes or until the tofu color becomes golden color and put it aside.
  • Saute the tomato using vegetable for 1-2 minutes and put it aside.
  • Boil white wine vinegar, water and coconut sugar until it bubbly in medium heat
  • Once it boiled, turn the fire off and cool it down.
  • Once it’s cool down, mix with tofu, eggplant and tomato and put them aside.
  • Peel the carrot and ginger and wash them celery and ginger under running water including the celery.
  • Cut in small size (enough size to put in the blender)  carrot, Onion, celery stalk, ginger, garlic.
  • Put all ingredients in a blender until soft.
  • Marinated process for the cucumber only: Cut the cucumber in dice and marinate with “Shio-koji” for 24 hours in a room temperature.
  • Once the cucumber is marinated the next day, you can mix the tofu, eggplant and tomato.
  • Serves

    Serve in a smaller glass or bowl.

    Chef's Tip

    Probiotic salt: Used in Japan for centuries as an all-star ingredient, The enzymes contained in shio-koji break down proteins to pull out flavors, and this process also contributes to tenderizing meat and fish. The enzymes also decompose starches to draw out the sweetness from ingredients. It has a rounder taste than ordinary salt.

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    Mana Kitchen

    Eco conscious & healthy restaurant and hotel in the middle of amazing ubud nature

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    The Chef


    Satrio Adi Guna

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