Gado Gado

A vegan indonesian plate, simple but tasty and healthy.


This Recipe Serves 1

100 gr Cabbage

50 gr Spinach

10 gr Corn

10 gr Long bean

10 gr Sprout

20 gr Potato

20 gr Carrot

Peanut sauce



1 kg Peanut - blend

100 gr Shallot

50 gr Garlic

200 gr Big chilli

1 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Pepper

65 ml Cooking oil

Sweet soya sauce according to taste


  • Wash and cut all the vegetables in small pieces.
  • Boil all the veggies in hot water until cook, around 3- 5 minutes, the time depends on how soft you prefer the veggies.
  • Rinse the water out and get the veggies ready.


  • Blend shallot, garlic and big chilli.
  • Add the peanut and blend more.
  • Put a pan on slow fire and stir fry all the ingredients, add the soya sauce slowly checking for taste.
  • Serves

    Put the veggies in a big plate and top up with as much peanut sauce as you like. Garnish with fried onion and sweet soya sauce. Serve with sliced cucumber.

    Chef's Tip

    You can add sambal or spicy sauce to it. Another great partner for this dish are prawn crackers.

    The Restaurant

    Ithaka Warung

    One of the first warungs in canggu – delicious, big portions, low price

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    The Chef


    Satrio Adi Guna

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