Ithaka Warung

Pantai Batu Bolong St No.168, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80351

One of the first warungs in canggu - delicious, big portions, low price

Cristian arrived to Canggu in 2013 when Canggu was quite different of what it is today. A place wild and free with amazing waves, beautiful landspace and no people, restaurants, hotels and not even side walks around. They fell in love with the place and few months later they opened their first warung in Canggu. They came to Bali as backpackers and knew how difficult was to find fullfilling food for a reasonable price, so the idea was simple, to offer big portions of good quality food at a low price. They say it seemed to be unreal that time but now 6 years later they are still in Canggu and very popular.



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The Chef


Satrio Adi Guna

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Spicy Tip

Never use a microwave.

Best Seller Dish

Sate ayam / tempeh Warung Ithaka Cocobeli

Sate ayam/tempeh

First Dish Ever

Eggplant balls Ithaka Warung Cocobeli

Eggplant balls

Recipes From Ithaka Warung

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