Daharan Paon & Bakery

Jl. Pattimura Gg. I No.16, Delod Peken, Tabanan, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82121

Delicious local bakery together with a restaurant in green tabanan

The bakery was founded in 2005 with a shared passion by a husband and wife team, Putu and Eliyah. Before establishing the bakery, both saw potential and opportunity with opening a bakery due to the high demand for it daily as well as for ceremonies. It was started as a small shop in the beginning and gradually gained popularity within the community. After having much success with the bakery, the duo started setting up other businesses such as a garden centre and a restaurant all under one site. Their concept behind it is to make the place feel as comfortable as it is like in your own home while also enjoying the beautiful flowers in the garden and the atmosphere of the area.



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Satrio Adi Guna

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Just enjoy cooking and baking and do it with love. People will recognise and come again.

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Proll Tape (Cassava Cake) daharan Paon & Bakery Cocobeli

Proll Tape

First Dish Ever

Nasi Uduk Jakarta daharan Paon & Bakery Cocobeli

Nasi Uduk Jakarta

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