Sweet Potato Waffle with smoked salmon

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One of the most favourite dish is sweet potato waffle. It can be sour as well as sweet. For now this is the sour option. The sweet potato waffle is filling and heatlhy option. You will fall in love with this special dish.


This Recipe Serves 1

350 gr Sweet Potato

1 full Egg

50 gr Cassava Flour

50 gr (4 slices) Smocked Salmon

50 gr Rucola

1 ripe Avocado  

30 gr Sour Crème

80 gr Avocado Mayonnaise

45 gr Tomato relish

30 gr Red & Green Capsicum

2 pcs Fresh Tomatoes

2 tbs Plain Yoghurt

Fresh lime

Salt & Pepper

1/2 Onion - chopped



  • Blend a ripe avocado with lime juice, plain yogurt, honey, salt & pepper till smooth.

  • Onion, red capsicum, green capsicum and tomatoes all chopped in small cubes and sautéed.
  • Add a bit of brown sugar, apple cider, salt & pepper and little bit of tomato juice.
  • After cooking add some fresh chopped celery.
  • Serves

  • Shred the sweet pealed potato (squeeze the water out of the potato until dry) after mix with cassava flour, raw egg, salt and pepper mix it all together. Take the dough  and add into the waffle iron for approx. 15 minutes and let it cool down a bit.
  • First add the Avocado mayo with a spoon, add rucola and 4 slices of rolled smoked salmon and add a table spoon of Sour Cream in the center of the Waffle.
  • Chef's Tip

    Serve with tomato relish and a slice of lime.

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    Satrio Adi Guna

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