Pork Ribs

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Hard to determine one specific place because people have been making pork ribs all over the world since they started to hunt animals. Historics are saying that homo sapiens tasted cooked meat about a million years ago for the first time. Back in the Czech Republic pork ribs are one of the traditional dishes and usually called ZEBRAK. Usually marinated (smoked or with a pepper marinade) and cooked to the point that it’s falling from the bone so it’s not expected that you will eat it with your hands.


This Recipe Serves 1

150 gr Mozzarella block

20 gr All-purpose flour

40 gr Bread crumb

1 Egg

200 gr Potato

40 ml Cooking cream

30 ml Fresh milk

20 gr Butter (unsolted)

5 gr Onion

3 gr Garlic

5 gr Salt

70 gr White and red cabbage

50 gr Mayonaise

20 gr Gherkin

5 gr Capers


  • Cut the pork ribs into large pieces. Then seared.
  • Boil the potato, then cook and make the hole in the potato then deep-fry the spin part to make it crispy.
  • Saute bacon, add garlic, onion, and potato and put inside potato till the skin, topped with mozzarella cheese.
  • Boil water with herbs, star anise, black pepper, garlic, Kikkoman soy, thyme, rosemary. Then put in pork ribs, kept simmering aboard. About 90 minutes, until the sauce is a bit sticky.
  • Combine mayonnaise and turmeric to make the aioli.
  • Make julienne. Cut veggies and roast it. Add salt, pepper.
  • Serves

    Put pork ribs on a big plate, put julienne, sauce, and veggies on a side covered with mozzarella. Serve.

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