Beef Burger

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The first stirrings of what came to resemble a hamburger, this ground- (minced-) meat dish contained pine nuts, pepper, and flavorings of wine and garum, came from Rome in 1 century AD. But as we know it, hamburgers were implemented in the USA and it is an iconic dish in American cuisine.


This Recipe Serves 1

150 gr Mince beef

1 pc Ban burger

100 gr Tomato

100 gr Cucumber

50 gr Red cabbage

50 gr White cabbage

150 gr Potato

5 gr Thyme

5 gr Rosemary

3 gr Garlic

3 gr Salt

3 gr Black pepper

1 pc Rice paper

40 gr Onion

30 gr Bacon

50 gr Mayonnaise

50 gr Chilli mayonnaise


  • Chop thyme, rosemary, and garlic. Marinade.
  • Make the mince beef flat round size (fatty burger)
  • Cutting julienne potato than blanch it while adding turmeric powder.
  • Slice tomato and cucumber.
  • Slice red and white cabbage together then wash it with cold water.
  • Cook onion rings with tempura. Better deep-fried, which is about 2 minutes.
  • Combine mayonnaise and chili salsa to make chilli mayo.
  • Cooking hot deep fryer 250 degrees, put the french fries.
  • While cooking french fries, start to marinade fatty burger, with salt, black pepper, and marinade.
  • Heat the pan, put in fatty burger till requested.
  • Serves

    Combine the burger and put it on the plate, add french fries and sauces on aside.

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    Joshua District

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    Satrio Adi Guna

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