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“Searching TOP quality food ingredients became part of my life. Travelling world for food and connecting with local cultures is my passion – I cannot offer anything but the best.” Jana Feliz

Jana tried delicious fruits, vegetables and even juicy dried fruits from Asia, Africa, South America as well as Europe. 

Freshness and natural taste is everything. Jana created contact with farmers and trusted suppliers from tropical countries to deliver the best.

Herbs, Spices and Superfoods is Jana’s ultimate passion. She travelled the world to find the best quality ginger and another spices, such as in Africa and Indonesia. 

Jana can provide you the best quality ingredients through her valuable contacts. 

Without even knowing, Jana already knows from tasting which nuts come from where. Her favorite are cashews from Tanzania, almonds from Italy and another special nuts from Indonesia.


It all started with Cocobeli project – reviewing the best restaurants in Bali that were summed up in a Cook Book Cocobeli. But Jana knew where her true passion is – in quality food ingredients. It doesn’t matter if they are from Indonesia, Africa, South America, Japan, or Europe – diversity of great quality food is everything. And when they are offered combined, it’s even beyond. 

Jana went miles to find what you like. It all started in Asia, continued in Middle East, Africa as well as East and Western Europe. She met many farmers and people who share same passion as she does – the best quality food. It’s also about people behind the products. She developed her intuition in recognising people who have good intentions and share same values as her. At the end it’s not only about the quality of the product but also who stand behind it. 

Moreover she visited many exhibitions and tested endless products to find the truly best quality. She loves to connect with people and communicating with ease. Searching the best products and getting the valuable connections became just part of her life and she is ready to share because people deserve to eat exceptional food quality.

Gingerbeli food trade jana
gingerbeli food trade farmer
gingerbeli food trade farmer

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Are you interested in getting the best quality food ingredients and products approved by Jana? 

Are you a farmer or supplier who think has exceptional quality ingredients or products? Let Jana taste, approve and see if we can work together.

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